The Prayer filled life


The Contemplative Tradition or the Prayer filled life seeks to gaze lovingly into the face of the God who is love and love us.  It is a love that changes everything!

A life of prayer, meditation, and quiet contemplation has been central to the Christian walk of faith every since Jesus instructed the disciples to pray,”Our Father who is in heaven hallowed be Your Name …”

For resources on prayer and contemplation check out the following links:

Upper Room Living Prayer Center

Contemplative Outreach


Or you might spend sometime exploring:

  • “Letters by a Modern Mystic” by Frank Laubach

  • “Practicing His Presence” by Brother Lawrence

  • “Daily Prayer: A Little Book for Saying the Daily Office” by Robert Benson

  • “To Pray & To Love: Conversations on Prayer with the Early Church” by Roberta Bondi

  • “Praying the Psalms in Christ” by Laurence Kriegshauser

  • “Praying in Color: Drawing a New Path to God” by Sybil Macbeth

  • “Things Hidden: Scripture as Spirituality” by Richard Rohr

  • “Face to Face: Praying the Scriptures for Intimate Worship” by Kenneth Boa


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