About Us




“Where we meet people…people meet Jesus”


Our Mission
To be a people who know and Love God, and live that Love with their Neighbors through sharing and serving.

Our Vision
To be a faith community bringing hope, hospitality and healing throu
gh Christ to all people, no matter where their lives have turned and taken them.

Our Journey
To be transformed by knowing, loving and serving God in community.

Our Values
It is our desire to honor God in all that we do.  To that end, we will do God’s work with the following values:  faith, love, joy, integrity, grace, hospitality, relevance, authenticity, balance, humility, inclusivity, generosity, excellence and commitment.

Our Story
It’s not known when the founders of Lansing United Methodist Church first began meeting, but as early as 1887 they gathered for worship in a schoolhouse in Lansing.  Nearly 130 years later, we continue to worship at our current location and to serve our surrounding community in the name of Jesus Christ.

Praising God through Worship and MusicWorship (2)

Each week we gather in worship to glorify God. Worship is at the heart of who we are as a church. Through worship we celebrate the love that God generously shows us. Our Music Ministry attracts people of all ages. Whether special holiday services, or a typical Sunday service, Crossroads incorporates a rich mix of music, original dramatic presentations, and messages: traditional and contemporary music, video clips from around the world, and inspirational and enlightening messages. The worship experience is designed to reach people’s hearts and minds and to praise and experience God.

Teaching, Equipping and Caring for Believers

Crossroads equips people to grow in personal discipleship and to be fruitful in service to others. This area includes all teaching and equipping ministries such as a Young Child Center, children’s education (B.I.G. – Belief in God), adult study groups, student/youth programs (EDGE), summer bible school, leadership development, and special projects. Congregational care includes prayer chains, communion offered to home-bound, family counseling and bereavement care.  Gifts of time, materials and supplies provide additional resources for teaching, equipping and caring ministries.

Mission and Outreach Reflecting God’s Love

Crossroads is committed to outreach and mission work for others. The level of commitment is represented by level of participation not by a dollar figure. Every member and visitor has many opportunities to give. Special offerings are taken over the year for such causes as UMCOR disaster relief, local food banks, Bishop’s roundup, Operation Christmas child, foster children, underprivileged child, and many more.  Small groups study why and how to reach out to others. Individuals, small groups, UMW and the entire congregation engage in mission and outreach as Christ set the example for all God’s people to follow. Modest allocations in the Church spending plan provide seed funds for advertising and special missions.

Daily Ministry Support

Our church is a dynamic congregation, providing support for all ministries in times of joy and crisis. Whether communications, preparing worship tools, coordinating volunteer efforts, or tending to the daily details that equip ministry, our desire is to be supportive. Crossroads maintains an active website and email chain to encourage expedient sharing of activity information and ways to be in prayer and service for others.

Places for People and Ministry

Providing appropriate, welcoming, and accessible facilities is a crucial part of our ministry. Places – with special attention to hospitality – for gathering, fellowship, worship, and education are important. Our church facilities are a launching pad for many ministries, which meet people in times of need. Crossroads space for ministry serves as a tool that God has entrusted in His people’s care for His work

Changing lives…One heart at a time

“I’ve heard about your church, you’re the ones who collected food for the hungry in my neighborhood!”

“I found myself overhearing a conversation about this great church, who really welcomed people and talked    about the stuff of real life.  When I asked what church she was talking about…and it was mine!” (Crossroads UMC)

“I’m finding myself slowly changing, being less judgmental, more accepting and a better Dad and husband.”

“It’s like my life is starting new, all over again…He (Jesus) is real.”