A warm welcome from Reverend Jan Justice and all the folks here at Crossroads

Peace and Grace to you from Crossroads UMC

 “Herein all the children of God may unite” -John Wesley

  Worship Service Sunday at 10:00 am

Come at 9:30 and enjoy our fellowship

Jesus calming the storm by Rembrandt


  *Caught in the storms of life?*

The Holiness Tradition or The Virtue Filled Life is simply a life that works. A life that works is one free of addictions, shame, and guilt. This is not some legalistic exercise, John Wesley understood Holiness in terms of love. The Holiness tradition seeks to remove the chains of this world from our lives so that we might be the amazing person that God’s love seeks to grow us into. We love others and ourselves because He first loved us and His love sets us free!

We also invite you to join us in “Going Deeper” into other facets of the Christian tradition.

 Check out our Sermons page for past messages.Bible


  • Wednesday: 6pm Choir; 7pm Worship Rehearsal

  • Sunday: 10am worship; Message: Following in the Footsteps of Moses: The Promised Land.

  • Breakthrough Prayer Initiative: Don’t forget this week to pray for those who are ill, diagnosed with cancer or awaiting diagnosis, suffering from mental health issues or hungry and homeless. Remember to also pray our breakthrough prayer daily and a breath prayer several times as well.

    God of love and power, breakthrough into my life. Help me to be willing to be willing. Help me discern where your Spirit is leading me and Your church. Work through me to spread the light of Christ to our neighbors and to the world. Not as I will but as You will. Amen.

    Also, use one of these two breath prayers throughout the day:
    Come, Holy Spirit, help me to be willing
    Eternal light, guide me in Your ways.


  • Feb. 27: 9:30am bible study.

  • Feb. 28: Fat Tuesday – prepare for Lent.

  • Wednesday March 1: 6:30pm Ash Wednesday worship.

  • Sunday, March 5: 4pm: Gateway

  • Mar. 5: First Sunday in Lent. “Jesus Apprentice” 1st study begins.

    Mar. 6: 1pm UMW

    Mar. 7: 6:30pm Lansing Community meeting hosted here at Crossroads (rescheduled from 2/28). We need people to bake cookies and have water/tea available. This meeting is to further discuss how our community might work better with the Police Department and City Hall and to plan better community involvement is a major incident should occur here.

    Mar. 8: 7pm Wednesday night “Jesus Apprentice” 2nd study group begins.

    Mar. 14: 6:30pm Church Council.

  • The Newsboys is concert March 16: If you would have interest in attending the Newsboys concert and would enjoy going as a group, please let Amanda P.  know and/or sign up in the lobby. There is a group ticket discount. We will carpool over.

    Apr. 13: 6pm: Maundy Thursday Worship

    Apr. 16 Easter Sunday – 7:30-9:30am breakfast; 8:45am contemporary worship and 10am traditional worship.

  • Do you know someone that plays guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, or can sing and harmonize? Our worship team needs additional musicians and singers. If you know someone that may be interested, invite them to contact Trevor P. for information.