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Reverend Jan Justice

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Fellowship at 9:45 am
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at 10:00 am

Welcome to Crossroads!

Thought for the week:
"Give this day our daily bread." - Matthew 6:11

Researchers have been studying the use of pronouns in Facebook posts.  They discovered that the use of first-person singular pronouns like
I and me is higher among younger users.  Older folks tend to use more first-person plural pronouns, like we and our.    One social scientist put it this way:  "When we are in new situations and are trying to establish an identity, we tend to be more self-focused, which comes out through higher rates of I words."   

Of course, not all young people are self-focused, and not all older people are focused on others.  Nevertheless, a mark of maturity is the moving from more “I and me” language to more “
we and our” language.    So when someone starts on a spiritual path, we can expect references to "my spirituality," or "my faith journey."  Spiritual maturity endows us with being able to use the language of community, including the pronouns we, our, and us.   Spiritual maturity means that we recognize that we are interconnected with each other and with all of creation. 

Jesus himself prayed "Give us this day
our daily bread."  Who is this "us" to which Jesus refers?  Jesus isn’t merely referring to his followers but to the whole human family.   So this week, take note of how often your language is about “I and me.”  See if there are times you could have said "we" or "our."  Ask yourself whether or not you see yourself connected to others and being one in the spirit.  As the song “All the People Said Amen” says “
If you're rich or poor, well it don't matter; weak or strong, you know love is what we're after.  We're all broken but we're all in this together.”   And all the people said “amen”. 
Have a wonderful week!  Pastor Jan


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