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Reverend Jan Justice

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Welcome to Crossroads!

Thought for the week:

"I know my transgressions; my sin is ever before me." - Psalm 51:3

All of us have likely heard the maxim, “Confession is good for the soul.” It’s an old Scottish proverb but there is a word missing. The proverb actually reads, “Open confession is good for the soul.” When I was growing up Catholic, confession was expected to be done routinely.  However, as a Protestant, confession, especially open confession, is generally not expected.  Sometimes I think that is too bad.  There is something about verbalizing that we are sinners that strikes a chord for me.  I’m really good at hiding my sins.  This has been particularly evident when I think about how Judas betrayed Jesus, Peter denied him, the Sanhedrin found him guilty when they shouldn’t have, and Pilate gave into the crowd.  If I’m truthful, I’m pretty sure that I would have found Jesus guilty and gone along with the crowd as well.   I get Mother Teresa's reply to someone who declared her a living saint: "There's a Nazi sleeping in my soul." 

I think of my sinfulness as a chronic condition—it seems to constantly flare up.  Thankfully, there is a cure for it – it is called ‘repentance’.   The word repentance actually means to ‘change’.  It means to realize that we are doing something wrong and to ask for God’s help in becoming a better person.  We can’t become a better person without God’s help and grace.  Some people find confession depressing. They want to hear that they're good, and getting better all the time.  Now I’m all for all of us becoming better people – loving God, ourselves and others more deeply.  However, every time becoming a better person has been my goal, pride has always been too happy to help me achieve it.  It is much more challenging to admit to a group or a confidant that we are sinners in need of someone who you are willing to admit the times in your week that you have sinned; someone who will listen and pray for you. 
 Have a blessed week. 
 Hope to see you next Sunday. 
  Pastor Jan


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